BIBL 106 Quiz 3

BIBL 106 Quiz 3 Regent University

  1. McGrath discusses several models of God as Creator toward, and points out weaknesses of each. Which of the following models does McGrath site as overcoming the weakness of an “impersonal nature” of creation?
  2. McGrath discusses the idea of a “personal” God. Which of the following best expresses what McGrath calls the “basic idea” expressed by the idea of God as personal?
  3. McGrath points out that Irenaeus argued against the Gnostic doctrine of creation by affirming the inherent goodness of creation. Which of the following best represents the Gnostic idea about the creation of the world?
  4. McGrath discusses the implication of the fact that, although the world is fallen through sin, and is not the world as it was intended to be but is capable of being redeemed. Which of the following represents the major conclusion about God himself that McGrath draws from these ideas?
  5. According to McGrath, John Calvin believed that the first ground for knowing God through nature is a “sense of divinity.” Calvin identifies three consequences of this inbuilt awareness of divinity. Which of the following is notone of the consequences of this awareness of divinity?
  6. McGrath discusses the use of models and images to reveal God in the scripture. Which of the following best expresses why, according to McGrath, God chooses to use models and images when revealing himself.
  7. McGrath emphasizes the use of female imagery to describe God’s love for humanity, and then says that God is neither male nor female. What did Wolfhart Pannenberg believe would happen if we brought sexual differentiation into our understanding of God?
  8. Olson states that the church has always affirmed a dialectical description of God, as both transcendently great and imminently good. Which of the following best expresses what Jonathan Edwards said about God’s power and goodness?
  9. In discussing a unitive view, Olson discusses two crucial concepts. The first of these is that we should avoid speculation about God’s inner life apart from creation and the revelation of Scripture. The second concept attempts to avoid problems for affirming God’s personal nearness and relationality with the world. Which of the following best expresses this second concept, especially as formulated by the theologian Thomas Torrance?
  10. Under alternatives to the Christian consensus about God, Olson discusses both Deism and panentheism. Which of the following best represents the view of Deism?
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