BIBL 105 Discussion Board 2

NOTE: These are previously written discussion boards. Use this as a reference and paraphrase. I have here 3 different answers to the discussion board, which you can choose from or combine to form your ideas.

After reading Courageous Faith: Life Lessons from Old Testament Heroes chs. 4–6, choose the Old Testament hero with whom you most identify (in either a positive or negative lights). In a thread, describe how you identify with this hero. Highlight the parallels between their life, circumstances, and relationship with God and your life, circumstances, and relationship with God. As you consider these parallels, reflect on the way in which the hero’s life illustrates possible solutions to your own situation or circumstances. If you have no situation that requires a solution, then reflect on how the hero’s example may enhance your faith and relationship with God (or others). You may use the questions in the “Ask Yourself” section at the end of each chapter as they may assist you in developing your thoughts for your thread.

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