AVIA 400 Quiz 7

AVIA 400 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Human factors issues in maintenance and inspection may shift over time as the workforce, workplace, regulations and resources change. Identifying current safety needs and trends can be accomplished through:
  2. If a decision support tool, such as Conflict Alert, has too many false alarms, which of the following general objectives for ATC automation is violated:
  3. Maintenance Resource Management was a type of Human Factors Training that was first developed and implemented in the late 1980’s. A topic included in the Dirty Dozen is:
  4. The first use of CRM in airline training:
  5. A CRM characteristic unique to Airbus is:
  6. The United Airlines Sioux City accident of 1989 became known as a classic example of Crew Resource Management (CRM) because the Captain and crew made extraordinary use of all resources to make the best landing possible. The NTSB determined probable cause to be:
  7. Research seems to indicate that:
  8. Which of the following tools is used to monitor normal operations:
  9. Which of the following characteristics of advanced ATM systems assists the controller in planning and monitoring separation:
  10. The relationship between advanced cockpit systems and situational awareness has been a topic of study since the advent of these systems being introduced in GA aircraft. For the most part, these studies agree that:
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