APOL 220 Quiz 2

APOL 220 Quiz 2 Liberty University Answers

  1. In scripture, ____________ are used apologetically because they have a powerful effect.
  2. According to Murray, which other religious tradition is comparable to Christianity in terms of evidence that it offers as reason to believe its claims are true?
  3. Within Isaiah 41, one of the three practical aspects of God’s sustaining and delivering power is God’s testing of his followers.
  4. In the Old Testament, God’s acts of _________ in history are a defense against alternative deities.
  5. The Quran teaches the Bible is not an authority in light of their contradictions.
  6. According to the reading, _________ demonstrates that it was a sovereign and providential work of the God of Israel that expanded the church.
  7. The Quran says that the Gospels, the Torah, and ________ are all the revelation of God.
  8. Three distinct but related apologetic functionaries in the Bible are the individual person, the church, and the Holy Spirit.
  9. According to the reading, Paul is anti-intellectual and opposes intellectual vanity.
  10. According to Murray, relevance is: “something is relevant in a court of law if it is a fact that makes any issue in contention more or less likely to be true.”
  11. According to the reading, there is a specific universal and non-contextual system that we can plug in to find a spouse.
  12. Our __________ is an apologist for God and his law.
  13. The first eleven chapters of Genesis take a ___________ perspective.
  14. In scripture, another type of apologetic related to God’s providential care is God’s special sustenance and deliverance for his people.
  15. The content of the question is not as important as the intent of the questioner.
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