WRSP 410 Discussion 4

Liberty WRSP 410 Discussion 4 Answers

Your church has a wonderful children’s program, a vibrant youth program, wonderful music, and a strong pulpit ministry. However, you notice that while your church attracts young families, there are very few twenty-year-olds. Even those who have grown up in your church’s youth program no longer attend when they reach their twenties.

The leadership of your church has formed a committee to address this problem and provide a solution. You have been asked to be on this committee. Some of the solutions are (1) totally change the music to that which the twenty-somethings can relate to; (2) have different worship services that are age-segregated; and (3) blend various styles of music so there will be something for everybody.

Based on Noland: ch. 7, what would be your remedy for reaching and ministering to the twenty-year-olds? How would you resolve this problem? Document your answers with footnotes and scripture references. Also, include at least two citations from the text.

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