SUBS 606 Case Studies

SUBS 606 Case Studies Liberty

*Includes 2 case studies

Each case study is part of a 2-part comprehensive project. The expectation is that the student will be able to show a working understanding of the course material. The recommended resources will enhance the student’s ability to excel in this project. The student is asked to read and complete a thorough assessment of the Case Study Vignette using the Case Study Template. The student is expected to incorporate all the readings and videos into this Case Study. The student will use the learning materials to support his or her Case Study, referral, and treatment recommendations. Current APA format is required for all components of the paper (title page, citations, reference list). This Case Study needs to be strongly supported by the literature (a minimum of 5 sources for Case Study 1 and a minimum of 5 additional sources for Case Study 2) and, if done properly, will render 15–20 pages (not including title page and references). This project is designed for you to show a working understanding of the course materials; therefore, it is truly a comprehensive project.

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  1. SUBS 606 Case Study 1 Set 2
  2. SUBS 606 Case Study 2
  3. SUBS 606 Case Study 1