SOWK 325 Quiz 2

SOWK 325 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. The Social Security Act includes provisions for ALL but:
  2. As discussed in the video, charity is a relevant term for Christians as it is a way we love other people.
  3. Social Welfare is affected by what?
  4. This party is the most far-spread institutional system of all the philosophies described in the text?
  5. Which of the following was considered a social movement?
  6. One of the hallmarks for this political institution is optimism:
  7. Conservatives tend to go by the following principles EXCEPT:
  8. Values, as defined in the video by Elke Cox, are defined by the following:
  9. Medicare and Medicaid are similar and different.  Which is of the following statements is NOT true?
  10. A desire for considerable change from the status quo, seeking to rein in what are seen as government excesses, but also keep government from interfering in personal matters reflects what political position?
  11. From the video, Keller states that the biblical model for social justice doesn’t fit a particular political party, that we must use the Bible as our personal guide.  Realizing that as the text states, political parties carry much power over policy, one must be wise in choosing policy positions.
  12. Center parties have been established primarily in which country?
  13. Biblical social justice is both “tzadeqah” and “mishpat” together, as defined in the video quoting Tim Keller.
  14. As discussed in the video, Jesus’ stating of “the poor will always be with you” from Matthew, Mark, and John, is about:
  15. What term assumes that some people are less capable than others but argues for taking care of those who cannot compete in the market?
  16. Tim Keller, in his model of biblical social justice, from the book Generous Justice,presents the idea of “mishpat” which encompasses the following:
  17. Which social reformer conducted a grassroots campaign to build mental hospitals?
  18. In the video on Social Security, it explains that Social Security is:
  19. The Social Security Act of 1935 is one of the most significant pieces of social welfare policy legislation in American history.
  20. A third-way system is a system that blends
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