RLGN 335 Theological Research Paper 2

RLGN 335 Theological Research Paper 2

Based on the topics provided below, you will be required to submit 2 Theological Research Papers for this course. Each paper should be 2100–2700 words. You must include sources that support and contradict a specific position. At least 10 sources are required. Each paper must also include a title page and bibliography, each formatted in accordance with Turabian standards.

The goal of these papers is to not only conclude with a position (even if tentative) regarding the theological issue investigated, but also to interact with the content and arguments for and against the positions that entail all sides of the issue. In other words, you must interact with and respond to opposing views, as well as seriously consider the strengths and weaknesses of your position.  In writing this paper, you must work with the biblical text and interact with theological and exegetical arguments used to support all sides of the issue, but nevertheless come to conclusions based upon the strength of the arguments being studied. In doing research of this kind, you are encouraged to use primary sources written by proponents of the positions being espoused. Do not exclusively use secondary sources that summarize the content of a position. Instead, be sure to use sources that argue in support of a position.

Theological Research Paper 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5. Theological Research Paper 2 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

Theological Research Paper 2

For Theological Research Paper 2, choose one topic from the following options:

    1. The Providence Debate: In the realm of God’s providence, there are numerous variables and nuanced positions. Consider the two broader views—the Arminian and the Calvinist views—and evaluate the merits of each as to whether or not there might be alternatives views that incorporate both perspectives. Remember that this debate has less to do with the soteriological issues and more to do with God’s control over the happenings that occur in the world in which humans live and make daily choices.
    2. The Destiny of the Unevangelized Debate: The problem of the destiny of the unevangelized is a debate that concerns all thinking Christians, whether they are Calvinistic or Arminian in their thinking. Evaluate and take a position based upon biblical analysis and experiential/philosophical speculation. Begin with the four views expressed by Boyd and Eddy, but feel free to nuance these views or add additional alternatives in your paper.
    3. The Hell Debate: The debate over the nature of hell is one that can bring out the best and the worst in biblical exegesis. Explore the arguments for the classical view and the annihilationist view of hell while evaluating differing positions and defending your own through a balanced exploration of the Bible. Remember, this debate concerns the nature of hell—not whether or not it is referenced in Scripture. You may also add alternatives such as the metaphorical view to the debate. On this subject, perhaps more than any others, it is important to use primary sources as you evaluate the arguments coming from each position.
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