RLGN 325 Interpretive Journey

Liberty RLGN 325 Interpretive Journey

You will submit a 1,500–2,000-word paper in current Turabian format using the provided template that demonstrates each of the 5 major steps of the interpretive method of Bible study. This paper will reflect a personal and independent study of a selected passage of Scripture; as such, bibliographic resources are limited to course materials, mywsb.com, the Bible, and the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

In order to complete this assignment, you will first select 1 of these 3 passages:

  1. Deuteronomy 22:8
  2. Acts 6:1–7
  3. 1 Peter 5:6–7

Once you have selected a passage, you will then take the verse through the interpretive journey process. Your answer must engage each of the following steps:

Step 1: Grasp the text in their town. Summarize the original situation and the meaning of the text for the biblical audience.

Step 2: Measure the width of the river to cross. What are the differences between the biblical situation and our situation?

Step 3: Cross the principlizing bridge. Explain the theological principle(s) communicated by the passage.

Step 4: Consult the biblical map. How does the theological principle fit with the rest of the Bible?

Step 5: Grasp the text in our town. How should individual Christians today live out the theological principle(s)?

While the amount of material will vary based on the passage you select, it is expected that your answer to each step in the interpretive journey will be at least 250 words.

Your paper must be completed using the provided template that contains both a title page and a bibliography (for you to document any of the limited bibliographic resources mentioned that you may have used in your paper). The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary will be the only required text resource (other than the Bible).

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