RLGN 210 Quiz 7

RLGN 210 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. How does the author define a nation?
  2. According to the author, what important function do biblical genealogies perform?
  3. There is an ex nihilo, “out of nothing,” quality to human creativity, reflected, for instance in their use of language.
  4. In the remade world foretold in the Book of Revelation, the center of God’s creative delight is not a garden but a…
  5. An accurate paraphrase of God’s instruction to Adam would be something like: “All right Adam, I’ve laid out this garden very carefully—don’t change anything! Take are to keep it the way it is.”
  6. Before God sends the man and the woman into exile from the garden, what does He do?
  7. The story of the biblical narrative focuses on how God will manage to rescue not just human beings but the entire project of human culture from the vanity of Babel.
  8. Genesis 1 is above all else about how culture and the role of cultivation are not significant, and should not concern us. Rather, only when we withdraw from such pursuits can we serve the Lord.
  9. The author believes that the logical end point of the process that began when the man and woman made fig leaves in their first moments of self-and- sin-consciousness is what?
  10. The author describes the biblical narrative of Adam naming the animals in the garden. How does he describe this scene?
  11. Which aspect of being “made in God’s Image” does the author highlight and emphasize as the primary implication of the text?
  12. According to the author, what is the difference between the garden of Eden and a contemporary theme park, such as Disney World?
  13. In almost every instance, it is enough to simply know the beginning and ending of a story, without knowing how it gets from the one to the other.
  14. Human beings do not exist independently of the rest of creation but in profound dependence on it and with great responsibility for parts of it.
  15. Just as Babel was the cultural embodiment of independence from God, so Israel will be the embodiment of dependence on God.
  16. Only a nation with the cultural depth acquired through many generations of history will be able to offer a compelling response to the variety of human experience, the many different features of the world that human beings must make something of.
  17. Why does the author say that the extraordinary cultural experiment of Israel will need to unfold over the course of centuries?
  18. According to the author, how does the Bible envision human dominion?
  19. Human creativity images God’s creativity when it emerges from a lively, loving community of persons and participates in unlocking the full potential of what has gone before and creating possibilities for what will come later.
  20. While man may have fallen in the garden of Eden by eating the forbidden fruit, culture was not impacted, and continues to operate to this day as an arena of life untainted by sin.

RLGN 210 Quiz 7 Liberty University

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