PSYC 750 Quiz Nervous System

PSYC 750 Quiz: Nervous System

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. ______ have water soluble heads and water insoluble tails.
  2. Neurons gather information, process it, and control muscle movements.
  3. Which of the following occurs during an EPSP?
  4. The type of postsynaptic potential produced by a neurotransmitter depends on which neurotransmitter is released an
  5. The relationship between a neurotransmitter and its receptor is akin to a
  6. Compare and contrast EPSPs and IPSPs. How do they contribute to triggering an action potential? Why are they important in carrying out their functions?
  7. An inhibitory message received by a neuron decreases the likelihood that it will send a message down its axon.
  8. MAO inhibitors ______ in the synapse.
  9. In the nervous system, hyperpolarization can ______.
  10. If the resting potential of a membrane changed from -70 mV to -75 mV, this would be considered
  11. William, a philosophy major, asked Ian the psychology major what type of cell contributes the most to Ian’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Without hesitation, Ian replied
  12. Describe three different ways that chemical transmission at the synapse results in more complexity than action potentials along an axon.
  13. The inferior temporal cortex plays a major role in ______.
  14. wo key genes (Robo1 and Robo3) influence the growth and targeting of an axon’s development in some areas.
  15. How do the layers of the cortex differ from each other?
  16. Which of the following is an example of hemispheric asymmetry?
  17. In humans, synaptic construction and reconstruction ______.
  18. The central nervous system is arranged in a hierarchy, this means that the
  19. Contrast the functions of the primary cortical areas and the association areas of cortex in each lobe.
  20. What role do neurotrophins appear to play in development of the nervous system?
  21. Identify the subdivisions of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Explain how these two systems result in the brain communicating with the body.
  22. Christopher suffered spinal cord damage at the cervical level of the spinal column. While he lost control of his legs and arms, he retained control over his
  23. Callie was in a car accident in which she hit her head and was briey unconscious. She had never experienced loss of consciousness before in her life. What types of symptoms will Callie experience due to this injury?
  24. Amy sometimes seems to ignore Joey, but only when he stands to her left. This is most likely a problem in the
  25. Mariah is having difficulty with processing auditory stimulation. Research indicates which layer of the cortex?
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