PSYC 430 Quiz 1

PSYC 430 Quiz 1 Liberty Answers

  1. Parity laws for insurance coverage of mental health treatment mandate that:
  2. Who brought the reforms of moral therapy to northern England?
  3. Which would MOST appropriately be studied using a quasi-experimental design?
  4. Studies that are structured like experiments but use groups that already exist instead of randomly assigning participants to control and experimental groups are called:
  5. Eugenic sterilization reflected the _____ perspective on abnormality.
  6. The finding that in the United States women have higher rates of anxiety and depression than men is MOST likely due to _____ research.
  7. Which statement BEST reflects the current care for people with less severe disturbances?
  8. Johann Weyer, considered to be the founder of the modern study of psychopathology, was a physician in the:
  9. Friedrich Anton Mesmer became famous—or infamous—for his work with patients suffering from bodily problems with no physical basis. His patients’ disorders are termed:
  10. The Rosenthal effect:
  11. The somatogenic treatment for mental illness that seems to have been MOST successful was the use of:
  12. Despite popular misconceptions, most people with psychological problems are not:
  13. The motivation to form relationships with others is a central theme of:
  14. This form of therapy has users interact with avatars.
  15. prevention consists of efforts to improve community attitudes and policies.
  16. One who takes an evolutionary perspective on abnormal behavior would MOST likely agree that:
  17. When José did not get a job for which he applied, he was sure that everything was going wrong, that his life was completely off track. This thought is an example of:
  18. “That’s all right. You are doing your best, don’t worry. I am here for you.” A therapist who would say this as a primary part of the therapy process would MOST probably be following the _____ tradition.
  19. According to Freud, a woman’s pleasure from nursing her baby is reflected in which part of the personality?
  20. A patient participates in weekly therapy for several years, gradually becoming aware of the impact of early life events on present functioning. The form of psychotherapy the patient is receiving is called:
  21. The main concern with the various forms of cybertherapy that are currently being used is:
  22. According to Freud’s psychodynamic theory, the part of the personality that is the conscience is the:
  23. The model of abnormality that focuses on the role of values and choices in behavior is the:
  24. If a therapist advised you to pay attention to how you were communicating with family members and to change harmful patterns, the therapist would MOST likely to be practicing:
  25. Which of the following dreams is the MOST common?
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