PSYC 305 Community Support Pamphlet

You will choose to create either a PowerPoint presentation or a pamphlet to be used in presenting to a community or church group in order to solicit support for substance abuse/addiction treatment. In your presentation or pamphlet, discuss the prevalence of addiction and what communities can do to help. Use at least 3 statistics regarding addiction, and give at least 3 ideas of ways communities can help.  Make sure to document your sources in current APA format.


PowerPoint Instructions:

Your presentation must be completed in Microsoft PowerPoint and must include the following:

  • At least 8–10 slides (not counting the title slide or reference slide);
  • A script (at least 100 words for each slide) as a guide for presenting the information;
  • A minimum of 3 statistics and 3 suggestions for community help; and
  • A title page and a reference page.


Pamphlet Instructions:

Your pamphlet may be constructed in either Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word and must have an attractive, appealing design. It may be bi-fold or tri-fold, but it must include the following:

  • Information on both sides of the paper;
  • 8 ½ X 11 or 8 ½ X 14 paper size;
  • 12-point Times New Roman font;
  • A minimum of 3 statistics and 3 suggestions for community help; and
  • A separate reference page to be submitted with the pamphlet.
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