PLST 205 Quiz Foundational Principles

PLST 205 Quiz Foundational Principles

  1. Which President, while serving on a state committee, proposed a state law that would have punished those who violated the Sabbath?
  2. The Bible contains absolute standards of right and wrong that do not change over time
  3. Under the Articles of Confederation, the colonies were referred to as:
  4. The US Constitution provides a governmental framework in which:
  5. What is a presupposition? NOT A belief that one believes to be true based on some objective evidence.
  6. What event provided the final momentum needed to convene the Federal Convention in Philadelphia?
  7. What is the authoritative standard by which God guides and governs us?
  8. According to Christopher Langdell, judicial opinions.
  9. A key problem with the Articles of Confederation was that:
  10. What relationship should Christians have with the culture?
  11. Humanism is based on faith in
  12. Which President stated that “our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people?”
  13. According to Blackstone, mankind NOT None of the above.
  14. What are two of the three indispensable elements of a Christian nation?
  15. What motto did Thomas Jefferson propose for the national motto?
  16. Which President wrote a letter called “Legacy?”
  17. How many of the fifty-five constitutional convention delegates were regular members of Christian churches?
  18. Who was named the chair of the Federal Convention in Philadelphia?
  19. Which US Supreme Court Justice wrote The Common Law, which supplanted Blackstone’s Commentaries as the premier text for law school students?
  20. Supporters of the proposed constitution were known as
  21. President Washington opposed the idea of a stronger national government than what existed under the Articles of Confederation.
  22. It is possible to approach a subject from a neutral position.
  23. The inerrancy of Scripture is attacked when people
  24. Our Constitution dictates that we cannot legislate morality


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