PADM 550 Policy Brief Quiz

PADM 550 Policy Brief Quiz Liberty University

  1. What does the term policy proposoal/specific piece of legislation mean as defined by the instructions, rubric, and presentation?
  2. You may only focus on a current piece of legislation being debated in Congress at the moment.
  3. Which from the list below represents a focused discussion of a policy problem?
  4. “May” describes what government may do according to what the ruling majority in the legislative and excecutive branches want to accomplish.
  5. In the “Can” portion of the analysis, Political, Financial, and Practical Feasibility are equally important.
  6. Which represents an appropriate understanding of the “Timing” portion of the “Practical Feasibilty” section of the May-Can-Should approach?
  7. The “Should” portion of the analysis is focused on whether the bill should be supported, in light of other available options, and in light of political support and resources available for competing goals.
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