PACO 687 Quiz 2

PACO 687 Quiz 2

PACO 687 Quiz: Developmental Issues

  1. Which of the following is not one of the disorders found in the anxiety chapter within the DSM-R?
  2. In this stage individuals develop the ability to think abstractly.
  3. Which anxiety disorder primarily exhibits the following symptoms: Trembling, chest pains, dizzy sensations, shortness of breath, sweating, heart palpitations, fear of losing control.
  4. Which disorder is the most widely documented and diagnosed?
  5. The most widely evidence-based clinical treatment for Depression is
  6. The female athlete triad is a term used to describe:
  7. What does it mean for a counselor to “hold space” for a grieving client?
  8. Miscarriage is defined as the loss of pregnancy in a woman up to
  9. Surrey’s (1985) self-in-relation theory posits that women dene their sense of self through:
  10. One out of every ___ families in the United States have an adopted child.
  11. Amenorrhea (the absence of a female’s menstrual cycle) is a diagnostic marker for Anorexia Nervosa.
  12. A diagnosis should not be made solely based on the results of screening tools and assessments.
  13. In the United States, approximately 3% of married women ages 15-44 experience infertility.
  14. Women are three times more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.
  15. Minority Clients are less likely to seek treatment for depression.
  16. The real self is who we are in the present, and our ideal self is the image of what others would like for us to become.
  17. Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) is used to treat all types of depressive disorders.
  18. Niemeyer introduced the meaning-making model as a tool to use with people who were suffering from life-threatening illnesses.
  19. Autobiographical reasoning is the process of drafting your life story by connecting the parts of your past, present, and future life with your personality throughout your development.
  20. All mental health counselors are qualified to treat feeding and eating disorders as long as they have completed a counselor education program, are licensed mental health counselors, and have a good knowledge of the DSM-5.
  21. Kintsukori is the Japanese tradition of repairing broken pots with gold and can be used in grief work to symbolize that beauty, strength, growth, and resilience can come from brokenness.
  22. Brofenbrenner’s microsystem level involves face-to-face interactions.
  23. Cognitive Restructuring is the therapeutic process of identifying and challenging cognitive distortions.
  24. Six percent of children have been in foster care for five or more years.
  25. Pharmacotherapy is the preferred treatment for depression.
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