PACO 501 Exam 2

PACO 501 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is uncharacteristic of God’s self-sufficiency?
  2. Which key passage best portrays the incarnation of Jesus?
  3. Identify the term which refers to the kinds of things that get discussed in the process of counseling; also, only God has the right to establish it.
  4. Which term defines God as always present everywhere with the fullness of who He is?
  5. “God’s freedom from any limitation to be God” defines which of the following terms?
  6. True or False: Erickson argues that although Jesus did not make any direct claims, such as saying: “I am God,” He nevertheless made claims that would be inappropriate if it were not true that He is God.
  7. Fill in the blank: The fact that God is able to do everything consistent with His desires as God is best mirrored by God’s __________.
  8. What is meant by the “two natures” of Jesus?
  9. According to Scripture, which of the following describes the care God has for His people?
  10. Erickson concluded that these 2 explicit passages provided the basis for the virgin birth of Jesus Christ:
  11. Which of the following attributes of God most closely means that what God knows and what He says are always true?
  12. Using Erickson’s Christian Theology, match the following:
  13. Fill in the blank: Jesus provided our salvation by earning our righteousness, paying sin’s penalty, rising from the grave, and ____________.
  14. True or False: According to Erickson, Jesus was free from human depravity, yet he still had a human nature and personality.
  15. What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit sealing believers?
  16. True or False: The main way the Holy Spirit authors Scripture is through the process of commendation.
  17. True or False: When believers seek counseling help because they feel ineffective and unfruitful in serving the body of Christ, one of the primary goals of Biblical counseling is to assist them in finding a different local church in which to exercise their talents.
  18. True or False: Millard Erickson, in his Christian Theology argues that since Jesus experienced temptation, he must also have had a sin nature.
  19. The primary response of the counselor in a failed counseling experience should be reflected by which of the following choices?
  20. Based on Erickson’s text, match the following
  21. True or False: God is insufficient in Himself with no needs outside of Himself.
  22. Fill in the blank: God’s _________ means that He has complete knowledge of everything.
  23. Which attribute of God is most closely related to David’s words in Psalm 139:7-10?
  24. John 16:8-11 provides a crucial passage regarding which of the following works of the Holy Spirit?
  25. True or False: Our ability to understand something is not the standard that renders it true.
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