NBST 520 Quiz Early Church

NBST 520 Quiz The Early Church in Acts

  1. In the story of the Ethiopian eunuch, in Acts 8, from what Old Testament book was he reading?
  2. Which of the following was NOT true of the 7 “replacements” chosen in Act 6?
  3. According to Elwell, the word “simony,” named for Simon the Sorcerer, is the term used for the practice of buying or selling church office or privilege.
  4. According to Elwell, the Joppa of Acts is near modern-day Tel Aviv.
  5. According to the presentations, who is often considered to be the “father” of the New Perspective on Paul?
  6. According to Elwell, one of the key questions in interpreting Acts for the church today is: how much of Acts merely describes what once took place, and how much prescribes what should take place in other times and settings?
  7. According to Elwell, the Ethiopia from which the eunuch of Acts 8 hailed is the same Ethiopia we know today.
  8. According to the first 8 chapters of Acts, based on who appears to be the spokesperson for the new movement, the leader of the Early Church appears to be
  9. According to the presentations, there are no differences when comparing the three accounts of Paul’s Damascus Road experience in Acts.
  10. According to Elwell, the passage the Ethiopian Eunuch was reading when Philip encountered him was
  11. Who is the only person in Acts who envisioned Jesus “standing in heaven”?
  12. According to Elwell, growth is always an infallible sign of the gospel’s progress.
  13. According to Elwell, the setting of the early chapters of Acts is overwhelmingly Jewish.
  14. In Peter’s prayer/sermon, in Acts 4, following the Apostles release, he prayed for
  15. In Acts 5, the disciples were rescued by the advice of
  16. According to the presentations, Luke’s understanding of the Pentecost event is explained in Peter’s sermon at Pentecost, since Luke is writing the narrative and explaining Pentecost through the character of Peter in the story.
  17. According to Elwell, which of the following was not one of the outcomes of Pentecost, described in Acts 2:42-47, on the common life of the early believers?
  18. According to the presentations, the belief that the End had arrived in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but still awaits its full and final fulfillment, is sometimes referred to as “inaugurated eschatology.”
  19. Which of the following titles for Christ did Peter introduce in his sermon after the miracle in Acts 3?
  20. According to Acts, who served as a character reference for Paul when he testified before the apostles who were still unconvinced of his conversion?
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