HIUS 221 Quiz 1

HIUS 221 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers

  1. The Renaissance scholars known as humanists primarily studied
  2. Martin Luther and John Calvin were similar in that they both
  3. The theology of John Calvin included all of the following ideas EXCEPT that
  4. The religion of the Eastern Woodlands Indians included animism, which was a belief that
  5. The Paleo-Indians were
  6. For what purpose did the Spanish bishop Bartolome de Las Casas write the work known in English as The Tears of the Indians?
  7. Why did both the Spanish and the Portuguese eventually enslave Africans to supply labor for them in the Americas?
  8. All of the following contributed to the failure of the English settlement at Roanoke EXCEPT
  9. Why did the balance of power in the Atlantic shift near the end of the sixteenth century?
  10. What left indigenous Americans most vulnerable to Europeans upon first contact?
  11. Who were permitted to vote in Massachussets?
  12. All of the following are true of the economic system that Adam Smith called mercantilism EXCEPT that
  13. The key island in the English Caribbean was Barbados because of its
  14. All of the colonies established during the Restoration were
  15. In the early eighteenth century, the British government created a federal system of government that divided power between
  16. Why was Roger Williams threatened with arrest
  17. The Dutch city of New Amsterdam welcomed
  18. Why did King James II revoke the charters of New York and New Jersey and create the Dominion of New England?
  19. In 1689, the English Bill of Rights established
  20. In 1680, why did the Pueblo people revolt against the Spanish in New Mexico?
  21. Which term best describes the Whig view of politics?
  22. In Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity,” he gives a picture of Christians as parts in the body of Christ. What does he say is the ligament that ties everything together?
  23. Which of the following was NOT one of the tasks set to a group of Jamestown settlers in the “Instructions for the Virginia Colony”?
  24. According to Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, when did the Pilgrims arrive in Cape Cod?
  25. Which of the following does McClay call “two characteristic fallacies… when we speak of truth in history”?
  26. According to McClay, it is important to study history
  27. According to the video presentation, what was the Headright system?
  28. According to the video presentation, what was Pocahontas’ Christian name?
  29. According to the video presentation, where was conspicuous consumption most conscpicuous?
  30. According to the video presentation, once a luxury good became common, what happened?
  31. According to the video presentation, who introduced tobacco to Virginia in 1612?
  32. What does McClay say is the goal of his book?
  33. According to Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, who performed the first marriage in the Plymouth colony?
  34. According to the “Instructions for the Virginia Colony,” in relation to the Native Americans, the Jamestown settlers were to
  35. Why did the English title of proprietor carry enormous political power?
  36. What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
  37. All of the following may have contributed to the Salem witchcraft hysteria EXCEPT
  38. How did Virginia Company of London treasurer Sir Edwin Sandys attract settlers to Virginia?
  39. What was the Glorious Revolution?
  40. Planters in Barbados turned to each of the following to provide labor on their sugar fields EXCEPT
  41. Maryland was founded as a
  42. Why was the French Jesuits’ use of religious images to convert the Indians most likely effective?
  43. How did England’s model of exploration and colonization differ from that of France or Spain?
  44. How did the French encounter with the Native Americans differ from that of the Spanish and Portuguese?
  45. Aztec society was different from that of the mound builders and Anasazi in that only the Aztec
  46. Benin differed from other West African nations with regard to the slave trade because Benin
  47. What did Europeans obtain from the Islamic world and Asia to assist them with their explorations of the Atlantic world?
  48. In the fifteenth century, Portugal took the lead in exploring an Atlantic route to
  49. The items the Spanish exported from the lands they conquered in the Americas included all of the following EXCEPT
  50. The Renaissance originated
  51. In capitalism, the prices of goods and services are set by
  52. Though West African societies were as diverse as those in the Americas, they were different in that only West Africans
  53. The Dutch Prince William of Orange was able to claim the English throne on the basis of
  54. English settlers of the Carolinas traded with Indians to obtain what product(s)for export?
  55. How did Barbados influence the institution of slavery in the English Atlantic?
  56. Why was it difficult to maintain an adequate labor force in Barbados?
  57. Puritan minister Increase Mather viewed King Philip’s War as a sign of God’s displeasure. Both this view and the Salem witchcraft hysteria showed that colonial Puritans
  58. What was the most important of the “Instructions for the Virginia Colony” regarding its success?
  59. According to McClay, which of the following is NOT true about the study of American history?
  60. According to the video presentation, what product was the savior of the Virginia colony?
  61. According to the video presentation, what was the most important function of the Mayflower Compact?
  62. According to the video presentation, how did the fashionable world set itself apart?
  63. According to the video presentation, how was wealth defined prior to the 17th century?
  64. The alpaca and llamas of the Andes Mountains were unusual in the Americas before European contact because they were
  65. Why did Africans begin raiding their neighboring territories after 1600?
  66. Christopher Columbus’ attitude toward the Native Americans was primarily one of
  67. Maryland afforded religious freedom to
  68. Which of the following statements best describes why Jamestown was a poor choice for permanent settlement?
  69. According to the text, “During the first generation of settlement, when land was plentiful and the immigrant population small, Pennsylvania upheld Penn’s promise to treat the Indians with respect.” What does this statement imply about relations between the colonists and the Indians?
  70. According to the video presentation, which colony provides the best example of how Americans participated in the “World of Goods”?
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