GRST 501 Quizzes

GRST 501 Quizzes Liberty University

GRIST 501 Quiz: Course Overview, Downing, Heady, and Test-Taking Strategies

  1. If someone changes careers, the skills that he or she can most likely transfer to the new career are called “hard skills.”
  2. Which of the following is an example of a student who lacks personal responsibility?
  3. students seldom identify specific actions needed to accomplish a desired outcome, and when they do, they tend to procrastinate.
  4. Successful students see themselves as victims, believing that what happens to them is determined primarily by external forces such as fate, luck, and powerful others.
  5. Good graduate-level writing is written for a general audience or for the teacher.
  6. Which of the following is not a characteristic of good graduate-level writing according to the Heady PDF?
  7. If you do not pass GRST 501 this time, you will be placed back into it until you do pass.
  8. Each step of the Course Paper assignment will be awarded all or none of its allotted points, depending on whether it was completed according to the instructions.
  9. You may use a previously written paper as your GRST Course Paper.
  10. Which of the following is not addressed in this week’s Resource Folder?

GRST 501 Quiz 2 Liberty University

GRST 501 Quiz 2 The Writing Process, Downing, and Success Strategies

  1. Which of the following is the choice of someone with a Victim mindset?
  2. Which of the following is the choice of someone with a Creator mindset?
  3. “I’m failing this course because she’s a lousy teacher” expresses the voice of the
  4. “I didn’t do very well on the last test, so I’ll go to the tutoring center for some help” expresses the voice of the
  5. “I’ll never be able to correct my grammar errors” expresses the voice of the
  6. Scripture supports the idea that writing is permanent. When something is put in writing, it becomes meaningful, powerful, and lasting.
  7. The third step of the writing process is editing.
  8. Which one of these is an example of a “deep-level” problem?
  9. Which of these chapters is not mentioned in this week’s presentation as relating to self-discipline?
  10. Which of the following is not a success strategy addressed in this week’s resource folder?

GRST 501 Quiz 3 Liberty University

GRST 501 Quiz 3 Planning Your Paper, Downing, and Research Resources

  1. According to Downing, placing more importance on helping others achieve their goals than you do on achieving your own makes you
  2. According to Downing, most students far more often choose interdependence over independence.
  3. Which of the following could be part of your support network while you are earning your LUO degree?
  4. Which of the following provides the blueprint or frame around which you will build your paper?
  5. According to the guidelines in this week’s presentation, which of the following would be the best thesis statement?
  6. According to this week’s presentation, a good outline includes which of the following?
  7. One of the keys to choosing a persuasive order for your outline’s main points is to determine who your target audience is, what they already know, and what it might take to persuade them about your thesis.
  8. Which of the following is NOT a required component for an annotated bibiliography?
  9. If you are unable to write a good annotation about a source, you know your source should be replaced with a superior source.
  10. This week’s resource folder contains much vital information about Liberty’s Jerry Falwell Library, including how to connect with a librarian, how to find scholarly sources, how to evaluate sources, and how to access archived recorded workshops on a wide variety of research and citation topics.

GRST 501 Quiz 4 Liberty University

GRST 501 Quiz 4 Drafting Your Paper, Downing and Writing Resources

  1. Making choices (either conscious or unconscious) that work against our goals and dreams is a form of self-sabotage.
  2. The term “scripts” was coined by psychologist Eric Berne to describe our unconscious internal forces.
  3. Scripts are composed of two parts. Closest to the surface of our consciousness reside thought patterns, emotional patterns, and behavior patterns. Deeper in our unconscious lies the second part of our scripts, our core
  4. Which of the following is LEAST likely to explain how we wrote our life scripts?
  5. Scripts are always self-sabotaging and need to be changed.
  6. At each fork in the road, the key to your success is being aware of which choice leads to the future you want.
  7. According to this week’s presentation, Habbakuk 2:2 contains which applications for writing:
  8. As you write your first draft, be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  9. Which of the following is NOT good drafting advice?
  10. This week’s resource folder contains a link to an OWC webinar which addresses all aspects of the OWC resources, including the OWC writing aids, widget, draft review service, Skype appointments, and live chat feature.

GRST 501 Quiz 5 Formatting Your Paper and Developing Your Voice

  1. I Corinthians 14:40 and Titus 2:7 demonstrate that attention to detail with an eye toward excellence is a biblical principle. Therefore, we can infer that being thorough in following our eld’s style manual meticulously will build our credibility with other scholars and please God.
  2. Which one of the following is NOT a full style of writing as well as a citation guide?
  3. Citation tools like EndNote do all the work of generating a correct citation for you for any source.
  4. All of the following are types of plagiarism, but which one would never be classified as unintentional plagiarism?
  5. The turnaround time for an OWC full draft review of 10 pages or less is normally 48 hours from the time you submit the request form, but it may take up to a week during Week 6 of an eight-week term.
  6. When submitting your GRST draft for review to the OWC, select the FULL review option instead of the targeted review option.
  7. Unless you’re on the campus network, which is the correct way to log into the OWC’s tutoring request system?
  8. Week 5’s resource folder includes links to the OWC’s formatting pages, which contain sample papers for APA, MLA, AMA, and Turabian styles.
  9. Students who avoid classes they fear and give up when they experience challenges have which type of mindset?
  10. Which of the following statements by a parent would be more likely to encourage a growth mindset in a child?
  11. If an instructor doesn’t teach to your preferred way of learning, there’s little you can do other than withdraw from the class.
  12. According to Downing, if your choices contradict what you say you value (as when you say you value your education but consistently miss assignment deadlines), you are not living with
  13. According to Downing, the person or persons with whom we break the most commitments is
  14. Which of the following does NOT help you to keep commitments?
  15. In Downing Ch. 7, section 7-4b, Rosalie finally kept her commitment to her nursing class by displaying interdependence.
  16. Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139 support the concept that God created each of us as unique human beings with unique, foreordained lives.
  17. Style is a writer’s own unique way of putting things.
  18. Which of the following is NOT good advice for how to develop your writer’s voice?
  19. Which of the following is not included in Week 6’s resources folder, though it would also be a good contributor to your support network as an LUO student?
  20. The Online Student Life link offers resources that can provide you with support for your social, emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being.


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