GOVT 475 Quiz 1

GOVT 475 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers

Updated 2017

  1. Sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination, does not
  2. Mary Parker Follett developed the notion that
  3. The push to make government personnel more efficient and responsive has dampened interest in and government reliance on privatization.
  4. Max Weber referred to bureaucracy’s “special virtue” as “dehumanization.”
  5. The famous Theory X and Theory Y sets of assumptions were the brainchild of Chris Argyris.
  6. The first scholar of public administration to express concern about a lack of budgetary theory in the public sector was
  7. Three of the tools for measuring effectiveness and efficiency of an organization are
  8. A SWOT analysis does NOT take into consideration the
  9. Because President Garfield was killed by a disappointed office seeker, the Merit Systems Protection Board came into being.
  10. Civil Service Reform traces its beginnings to the
  11. The U.S. merit system of civil service came about primarily due to the excesses of the
  12. Examples of new management techniques that entrepreneurial management thrusts upon the organization include
  13. The “glass ceiling” is a term used for the unseen barrier through which an organization’s highest‐level positions can be seen, but not reached, by women and minorities.
  14. Aaron Wildavsky felt that budgeting was in reality an incremental process that
  15. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs called for a progression through the following components:
  16. Collective Bargaining refers to negotiations by labor unions on behalf of
  17. The first person to popularize management by objectives (MBO) was Peter Drucker.
  18. Which of the following is Not a characteristic of Theory X?
  19. Bureaucratic structure emphasizes the following EXCEPT:
  20. The landmark Supreme Court decision on sexual harassment was
  21. A vision statement is the identification of objectives to be achieved in the future.
  22. Total Quality Management (TQM) was a quality control theory developed by W. Edwards Deming.
  23. Reengineering is making small changes at the margins of organizational problems.
  24. The civil service includes all
  25. Groupthink is the process of brainstorming options.
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