GOVT 425 Discussion 2

Liberty GOVT 425 Discussion 2 Answers

Select any 1 of the readings from Module/Week 3. In 1–2 sentences, briefly summarize the author’s argument. In another 1–2 sentences, offer a concise defense of the argument. Why is it at least plausible or rationally defensible? For the remainder of your response, offer a critique of the article. What are the limits, problems, or gaps in the author’s argument? Provide at least 3 Internet sources to support your claims.

Any and all quotations must be in the footnotes, not the body of the text. All references to the textbook reading only require a page number in parentheses referencing the source. In addition to submitting your thread to the forum, you must also submit the content of your thread to the SafeAssign Submission link in the Assignments folder of Module/Week 3 to check for plagiarism.

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