GOVT 350 Reading Quizzes Answers

Liberty GOVT 350 Reading Quizzes Answers

Reading Quiz 1

In Chapter 1 of his book, Richards discusses the alleged communism of the early church in Acts 4. Explain the differences between what the early church did in distributing “to each as any had need” (v. 35) and communism.

Reading Quiz 2

Is it possible to make a car “too safe”? What will be sacrificed as a car is made safer?

Reading Quiz 3

Many people are upset about “loan sharks” who charge very high interest rates for small loans. What would happen if governments limited interest rates on loans? Use what you have learned from the readings on price controls (e.g., Miller et al. chs. 11, 14) in your answer.

Reading Quiz 4

Chapter 31 in Miller et al. discusses trade restrictions. 1) If protectionist policies are so expensive, why do politicians often support them? 2) Can you think of any reasons you would support restrictions on imports?

Reading Quiz 5

In Chapter 8 of Money, Greed, and God, Richards discusses a bet between economist Julian Simon and biologist Paul Ehrlich. The outcome illustrates some of the problems with predictions that the world is going to run out of natural resources. Describe these problems.

Reading Quiz 6

Choose a government intervention on an environmental issue, perhaps one from the readings from last week, and discuss whether the intervention is making matters better or worse.

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