ENGL 102 Pre-Test 3

ENGL 102 Pre-Test 3 Liberty University Answers

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  • The god of wine
  • Mysterious beast whose mystery is solved by Oedipus
  • Connected with the chorus
  • Speech by a character alone onstage
  • Type of comedy
  1. In Sophocles’ Oedipus,the name of Jocasta brother is?
  2. This playwright developed the unities of place, time, and action:
  3. Classical Greek theatre did not utilize a drop curtain
  4. Aristotle, the Greek critic, said that a tragic hero could either be a nobleman or a common man.
  5. The best-known extant morality play is
  6. A fatal weakness or moral flaw in the protagonist that brings about his or her downfall.
  7. A play on a biblical subject is called
  8. Sophocles was the student of
  9. Greek for error:
  10. The chorus admonishes Oedipus to leave his wife.
  11. English drama is secular in its origins.
  12. The name of the blind prophet in Sophocles’ Oedipus is?
  13. Authored Othello
  14. Greek drama combined drama with music and dancing
  15. God: Go thou to Everyman,
And show him in my name
A pilgrimage he must on him take,
Which he in no wise may escape;
And that he bring with him a sure reckoning Without delay or any tarrying.
(From the play Everyman)
The pilgrimage Everyman must undertake can be interpreted as
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