EDUC 665 Quiz 2

EDUC 665 Quiz 2 Theoretical Frameworks for Student Support

  1. According to the author, Student Affairs theories must evolve to accommodate:
  2. Developmental theories commonly describe development as occurring along a path of:
  3. According to the author, dissonance is required for:
  4. Applying theory to professional practice requires practice because:
  5. For development to occur, Sanford (1966) suggested that students need a balance of:
  6. Which of the following is not an element of Critical Race Theory?
  7. “Intersectionality” relates to viewing students as:
  8. CRT, Intersectionality and QT are described as attempts to:
  9. “One size fits all” theoretical constructs are discouraged for fear of:
  10. The text’s assertions regarding the fluidity of identity are most closely related to which doctrine?

EDUC 665 Quiz 2 2023

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