EDCO 900 Quizzes Article Notes

EDCO 900 Quizzes Article Notes 

*Includes 5 article notes

The student will identify an area of interest, search the online library databases, and carefully acquire and read 50 different peer-reviewed articles throughout the course relating to this topic. The student will select 50 or more peer-reviewed articles related to their topic to create article notes. These may be from EDCO 770 course (previously EDCO 737) bibliography (if the student has previously taken the course). Most of the articles should be relatively recent (last 10 years). The student will create one or more notes for each citation and submit 10 articles per quiz. Notes must include a citation and a few sentences to a paragraph for each article. Each quiz will contain 1 file upload question, allows 1 attempt, and has no time limit.

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