EDCO 900 Methods Final

EDCO 900 Methods Final Assignment

You will write a 5-10-page Methods Assignment for your developing research project. See theDissertation Handbook for the appendix with the example that best fits your design fordetailed information (Appendix D for quantitative research [Chapter 3, Method Chapter],Appendix E for qualitative research [Chapter 3, Method]).


Give an overview of what you will cover in this assignment (one paragraph).

Share your design and why it’s appropriate (one paragraph)Share your working research question(s) ;

Participants you would recruit and how would you recruit them;Procedure for you study (For example, if a survey study, how will you administer the survey–online?

If so, what website or degree program will you use?

If a qualitative study, what strategy(ies) do you use (Interviews? Focus groups? Etc.)? If an experiment, what will you have your participants do in your study? Etc.)

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