CSIS 100 Quiz 3

Set 1

  1. While creating a relational database for an organization, “Employees” would constitute one attribute with employee ID number, last name, first name, birth date, email address, and phone number as entities.
  2. Which process assigns incremental numbers to records as they are created to ensure that each record has a unique primary key?
  3. A field or a group of fields that make a record unique in a table is called a(n)
  4. Making changes to an integrated database is considered a challenge because
  5. Which of the following do database developers use to avoid anomalies that result when users try to insert, edit, or delete data?
  6. The database performance tuning process takes into account
  7. Data stewards ensure that people adhere to the definitions for the master data in their organizational units.
  8. A foreign key is
  9. How is metadata related to information?
  10. A system’s ability to handle rapidly increasing demand is called
  11. Database architecture that has multidimensional data grouped in logical dimensions, such as sales by product, city, region, and country, is called
  12. Which of the following is an early database approach that allowed flexible links to support many‐to‐many relationships?
  13. Which of the following is the most widely used database architecture?
  14. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using shadow systems?
  15. Which of the following is a characteristic of structured information?
  16. An integrated collection of information that is logically related and stored in such a way as to minimize duplication and facilitate rapid retrieval is called a
  17. SQL links tables together by
  18. is a process that refines entities and their relationships to help minimize duplication of information in tables.
  19. Which database architecture is popularly used for organizing complex data types such as graphics and multimedia?
  20. A database schema is used to

Set 2

  1. ensures that every foreign key entry actually exists as a primary key entry in its main table.
  2. A marketing representative who wants to put a positive spin on a tally of recent orders chooses to include orders that have been canceled in his report. This report exemplifies high‐quality data.
  3. Which database architecture is especially used for managing web content and web‐based resources?
  4. Aban Constructions Limited, a construction company, maintains data in the form of records within tables, and the tables are interconnected by linking matching fields. Which type of database architecture does Aban Constructions Limited use?
  5. Which of the following is used to spot trends, identify patterns, generate reports for compliance purposes, do research, and plan strategies?
  6. A network database supports many‐to‐many relationships.
  7. A person who ensures that people adhere to the definitions for the master data in their organizational units is called a(n)
  8. Which of the following is the best way to handle complex relationships, such as the data for a company where employees can be assigned to more than one project, and each project can have more than one employee assigned to it?
  9. What is the main drawback of using unstructured information?
  10. Making changes to an integrated database is considered a challenge because
  11. Retrieval is very fast through data cubes because
  12. To collate innovative ideas for an important business project, a manager creates a database which is not integrated into the enterprise database. The new database is an example of a(n)
  13. During mergers, integration of multiple databases becomes a major challenge.
  14. Data stewards ensure that people adhere to the definitions for the master data in their organizational units.
  15. White and Brown, a legal firm, stores details of each case in physical files and folders. The firm has a back room stacked with boxes containing hundreds of files. White and Brown’s storage structure resembles
  16. Companies often use different relational DBMS for their data warehouse and operational database.
  17. Building interfaces, or bridges, between different databases to link common fields is an integration strategy.
  18. Databases are created and handled using
  19. A representation of an entity in a meaningful way, which includes the attributes of the entity, is called a
  20. A company maintains a centralized repository of information from internal sources, competitor information, census reports, and metadata from documents and multimedia. This is known as a
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