COUC 504 Quiz 8

COUC 504 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. The term ______ refers to individuals living in the U.S. who are recent immigrants from or identify closely with the European heritage in terms of values, traditions, and worldview.
  2. Overt discrimination against European immigrants is more likely to occur
  3. _____ instills in members of a dominant group a belief in the superiority of the values and practices of that group, without making the individuals aware that their beliefs are culturally based.
  4. Part of the power of many group counseling approaches with European American and White American ethnics is
  5. Recent research on acculturation suggests that
  6. Most European refugees entering the United States in recent years come from
  7. The sect of Muslims that is primarily concerned with mysticism is
  8. Spirituality is difficult to define because
  9. Within the Buddhist tradition, the scriptures considered by many to most closely follow the Buddha’s own words is known as the
  10. Hinduism is considered a henotheistic religion, meaning that adherents to Hinduism worship
  11. Within the Taoist tradition, the life force energy is known as
  12. All of these ethical principles guide therapists working with religiously different clients EXCEPT
  13. Growing in competency involves which of the following
  14. Counseling and psychology have developed many more techniques from Eastern religions compared to monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
  15. This group generally emphasizes individualism and external signs of success.
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