COUC 504 Quiz 3

COUC 504 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Enforcement of male-dominated norms is an example of
  2. Internalized sexism is
  3. ______ is a system of oppression based on sex, gender identity, and gender expression.
  4. The __________ model has been criticized for focusing on what is wrong with the individual.
  5. ACA’s Gerontological Competencies are used as a list of __________ competencies.
  6. Psychological concerns among older adults may be caused by
  7. The primary objective of Native American boarding schools was to
  8. The majority of Native Americans live in/on
  9. For traditional Native American clients, it may be helpful to suggest including the _________ in the counseling process.
  10. For traditional Native Americans, having beverages and food available for clients can make a therapist’s office more welcoming and inviting.
  11. Family therapy generally is not a good option to consider with traditional Native Americans.
  12. When working with traditional Native Americans, the therapist should seek to break any periods of silence quickly rather than let them linger.
  13. The Christian social justice model presented in this class begins with ____  as the starting point for dealing with racism.
  14. In responding to government or institutional injustice, the Christian social justice model presented in class encourages all of the following EXCEPT
  15. More Native Americans live outside of reservations than in them.
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