CJUS 330 Quiz The Legal System

CJUS 330 Quiz The Legal System and the Courts

  1. Which term refers to legal obligations?
  2. The key goal of the crime control model is the:
  3. What is the name of rules and regulations adopted by administrative agencies that have the force of law?
  4. The operation of two separate and distinct court systems in the United States is referred to as:
  5. The organization of prosecutors in the United States is consistent across the state and federal criminal justice system.
  6. The judge is generally the most influential official of the court house actors.
  7. The mental state required for a crime to have been committed is referred to as the actus reus.
  8. A law in action perspective helps us understand the dynamics of courthouse justice.
  9. percent of the research budget of the National Institute of Justice is spent on developing new technology for law enforcement and the criminal justice system.
  10. Which courts are tribunals created by Congress to handle specialized types of cases?
  11. Which Article of the U.S. Constitution provides the basis for the federal judiciary?
  12. Which federal court has original jurisdiction over disputes between states?
  13. A U.S. attorney is nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serves during “good behavior.”
  14. The judicial council is the basic administrative unit of a circuit.
  15. Extradition is the automatic return of an individual accused of a crime in the United States who has fled the country and been found on foreign soil.
  16. Civil lawsuits consume more of the federal courts’ time than criminal cases.
  17. In states without intermediate appellate courts, state courts of last resort:
  18. Which of the following is NOT an essential element of therapeutic jurisprudence?
  19. Lower courts handle what stages of felony cases?
  20. Which judges typically authorize search warrants?
  21. Recent studies show that drug courts have a positive impact.
  22. Family court is the third leading type of drug court.
  23. Citizens are more likely to have contact with a trial court of limited jurisdiction than with any other type of court.
  24. Most of the nation’s judicial business takes place at the state level.
  25. Which Court was responsible for the landmark decision In re Gault?
  26. Within a generation, many of the social forces unleashed by the Progressives would lead to:
  27. Which kind of offense is a violation of criminal law that would be a crime if committed by an adult?
  28. Juvenile courts are a distinctly __________ century development.
  29. All states use the same ages to establish juvenile court jurisdiction.
  30. Juveniles accused of serious offenses may be tried as adults.
  31. Generally speaking, juvenile courts do not utilize jury trials.
  32. The number of juveniles transferred to criminal court peaked in 1994, but has since declined.
  33. How are newcomers to a courtroom taught formal requirements of the job and informal rules of behavior?
  34. Sixteen times Willie Barker’s murder case was set for trial, and 16 times it was continued. At first the defense readily agreed, gambling that Barker’s codefendant would be found not guilty. Thus, some of the continuances were caused by the six separate trials before the codefendant was finally convicted. Other continuances were granted because of the illness of the police investigator. It was not until five years after arrest that Barker was convicted of murder Which right did Barker’s lawyer argue was violated?
  35. The law on the books approach to delay focuses on:
  36. Women make up approximately what percentage of judges in the United States?
  37. Bailiffs are not often present in the courtroom.
  38. Speedy-trial laws are limited because they do not deal with discretion.
  39. The clerk of court is also referred to as a prothonotary, register of probate, and clerk.
  40. Metal detectors and surveillance are modern technologies.
  41. Contrast the due process and crime control model
  42. Contrast civil and criminal law proceedings.
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