CEFS 521 Quiz 3

CEFS 521 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. When interviewing test takers who had an achievement test on three different occasions, participants reported that they had remembered some of the answers from the previous test administration. This is known as:
  2. The SEM for an achievement test is 2.45. Jonny scores 100 and we assume that 68% of the time his true score falls between + 1 SEM. This means the confidence interval would be between:
  3. You are attempting to account for time sampling error and decide to administer the test a second time. In discussing reliability, you report this as what method of estimating reliability?
  4. An administrator and the school psychologist were observing a child to assess for behavioral problems. An error may occur in reviewing what the two observers notice. This is reported as:
  5. A researcher wants to measure content-sampling error with a Likert scale test. Which of the following methods would be best?
  6. A researcher is concerned with measuring internal consistency reliability and has decided to use the Kuder- Richardson Formulas with a Likert Scale test. This is a problem because the:
  7. A researcher wants to measure content-sampling error and has two versions of an achievement test available. What measure of estimating reliability would be best in this situation?
  8. A test was administered to a group of students the morning after homecoming. Several of the students appeared tired and some were coughing and sneezing. These factors may result in what type of error:
  9. The researcher reports the standard error of measurement (SEM). This is:
  10. The researcher determines that the reliability coefficient is .65. This means the reliability is:
  11. _________________ are concepts, ideas, or hypotheses that cannot be directly measured or observed
  12. What information is included on a Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix?
  13. When discussing the relationship between reliability and validity, which of the following is true?
  14. The ______________ is characterized by assessing both convergent and discriminant validity evidence and displaying data on a table of correlations.
  15. ___________________________ is a threat to validity that implies that a test is too narrow and fails to include important dimensions or aspects of the identified construct.
  16. The following are all examples of constructs in education EXCEPT:
  17. Criterion measures that are chosen for the validation process must be
  18. In terms of accurate prediction of a criterion variable, a person who is predicted to do well during the first semester of college (based on an SAT score) and then does poorly would fall into the __________ quadrant.
  19. Comparing pre and post-test scores of two groups, one group that experienced an intervention and one group that did not, is an example of
  20. Exploratory factor analysis can be used to
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