BUSI 409 Midterm

BUSI 409 Midterm Liberty University

  1. According to Higgins, nonprofit organizations have:
  2. Managers of nonprofit organizations must measure their success by:
  3. This method relates to the actions necessary to implement the strategic plan.
  4. The beginning of management as a field of study dates approximately to the:
  5. La Piana Consulting defines the intensity of the commitment that two or more nonprofits must make to each other as:
  6. Most nonprofits obtain revenue from:
  7. Strive Partnership measures the partnership’s performance through the use of a(an):
  8. According to Edgar Schein, logos, ceremonies, and symbols belong to this defined category of culture.
  9. According to Collins, this type of leadership exists when the leader has the power to simply make decisions.
  10. The perception that nonprofits are less well managed than businesses is:
  11. Nonprofit management literature is drawn from which of the three areas?
  12. Very high  ________ may suggest that an organization is inefficient, or even participating in unethical or fraudulent behavior.
  13. As Letts and colleagues observe, managers often face two challenges—getting the job done and:
  14. Whose article “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital” discussed a decline in civic engagement among Americans?
  15. The most credible medium of communication is:
  16. Which decade marked a turning point in public policy, with government outsourcing more of the delivery and management of social and human services to nonprofits, which resulted in the increased need for professional management in nonprofit organizations and an increased number of students interested in working for nonprofit organizations?
  17. Demands for accountability and the need for systems and procedures to comply with greater scrutiny and regulation also have contributed to the need for:
  18. Nonprofit managers should be committed to performance measurement but:
  19. One way to reduce dependency and thus maintain more autonomy is to:
  20. According to the Independent Sector, one hour of volunteer time contributed to a nonprofit organization in 2013 was worth:
  21. Giving up something in return for something is referred to as a(an):
  22. A proposed merger between Operation Smile and Smile Train was cancelled due to:
  23. Roberta is participating in an interview about her nonprofit organization. The interview is being conducted by a local radio station. Roberta is communicating with the:
  24. Draw a diagram of Patricia Bradshow’s five board configurations.
  25. Explain the three basic elements that effective planning begins with?
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