BIOL 101 Quiz 6

Liberty BIOL 101 Quiz 6 Answers

  1. When an environmental change shifts an organism’s internal chemistry toward a new state, the organism’s response is to try to return its chemistry toward the original state. This tendency on the organism’s part is called
  2. Haploid secondary spermatocytes go on directly to complete meiosis forming four spermatid cells. These will differentiate into sperm cells. The last stage of meiosis (that generates the spermatids) is called
  3. Based on Plato’s analysis, the problem with defining the term “person” arises when you equate personhood with
  4. Dilation of the cervix is a chemical procedure that
  5. The human nervous system responds to daily alterations in light and darkness by
  6. The phrase, “two homologous sets of genes” means
  7. Which of the following methods by which human conception can be postponed is least invasive of the complexity of human physiology?
  8. Preservation of biological information through time is accomplished using
  9. Two genes that lie at the exact same location on two separate homologous chromosomes are called
  10. Which of the following birth control methods is primarily contraceptive and secondarily abortive in its effects?
  11. Homeostasis can be described as:
  12. Meiosis is a specialized process that
  13. One major advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction is that in sexual reproduction
  14. After a fly trips the sensory hair on the modified leaf of a Venus fly trap, what is the very next step in the closing process?
  15. Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction in plants?
  16. The mature egg, once ruptured from its follicle is swept into the _____________ by finger‐ like fringes called
  17. The following is a list of methods by which human conception can be postponed. Which one blockssperm on its journey from the testicles to the fallopian tubes?
  18. In the human body, decreasing melatonin levels
  19. Which of the following different methods by which human conception can be postponed involves altering the hormonal chemistry of the female partner?
  20. A living thing need to be responsive because
  21. In the human life cycle, diploid cells undergo a cell division process called __________. The resulting haploid cells later fuse during ___________ which regenerates diploid cells.
  22. Meiosis generates genetic variability in the resulting sex cells (gametes). For each of 23 pairs of chromosomes, the haploid egg cell
  23. Which of the following will end a pregnancy?
  24. When there is little or no lactose present in a bacterium’s environment then:
  25. In the human body, melatonin supplementation is thought to help overcome the effects of
  26. Sperm cell production occurs within the interior lining of the
  27. A mature follicle has formed which of the following structures?
  28. Which of the following describes an example of asexual reproduction found in the Kalanchoe plant?
  29. The stages of meiosis are
  30. Penetration of the egg’ zona pellucida by the sperm cell is a process driven by
  31. In a normal person, the effect of elevated leptin levels in the bloodstream is
  32. Which of the following are involved in the control of sperm cell production?
  33. How does a Venus fly trap close? Once expansin has weakened the cellulose in the walls of the leaf trap cells,
  34. One effect of melatonin on the suprachiasmatic nuclei is that it
  35. The mature egg, once ruptured from its follicle is swept into the _____________ by finger‐like fringes called
  36. Which order of types of cells below correctly reflects the sequence by which a sperm cell is produced?
  37. Normally a fertilized egg ends its journey temporarily by implanting within the wall of the
  38. Which of the following is a biological approach to determining when a mother and her conceptus become separate individuals?
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