WRSP 421 Quizzes

WRSP 421 Quiz Humility and Community

  1. Our heart need is to remember that God is the _______________.
  2. Exercising faith towards God puts _______________ wisdom on display.
  3. True worshipers do more than think about God. They ____________ him.
  4. In Scripture, every description of our relationship with God communicates the relationship of a _______________ to a _______________.
  5. It’s through the _______________ that the manifold wisdom of God is put on display.
  6. God intends for us to exalt him not only with our songs but also with our
  7. God intends our gatherings to be a significant means of _______________ to strengthen us.
  8. Throughout Scripture, God gathered his people to address them through his
  9. In the list below, which is NOT a benefit of the gathering church.
  10. Exalting God on the _______________ is accompanied by visible evidences on the


WRSP 421 Quiz Worship Maturity and Music

  1. Another priority when we think about edifying others is _______________.
  2. According to the text, what two passages of Scripture specifically address singing [in worship]:
  3. In every culture, in every age, music is a language of the ______________.
  4. We hear the first strains of salvation’s song when God delivered his people through the_______________ in _______________.
  5. Singing helps us remember _______________.
  6. God didn’t design the church to be a group of _______________ watching others perform.
  7. To edify means to _______________.
  8. Some of are tempted to think our contribution isn’t very important.
  9. There are no _______________, _______________ people in the church.
  10. Sometimes even well-intentioned actions can affect those around us negatively.


WRSP 421 Quiz: Worship-Reality and Our Inability

  1. God has yet to remove every hindrance to having a relationship with him.
  2. The heightened focus on worship has produced resources that help us that about it [worship] in a more _______________ and _______________ way.
  3. Throughout Scripture, our need for mankind to enable our worship is evident at every step.
  4. Receiving the gift of worship is a matter of _______________ or _______________.
  5. Many songs have been written by musicians who don’t know the Bible very well, resulting in songs that lack ______________ and _______________ clarity.
  6. The ability and desire to worship God is something that God himself gives us.
  7. God continues to _______________ and _______________.
  8. Our first responsibility as Christians is not to give to God but understand him.
  9. What made Eden so special?
  10. Worship begins with God’s extravagant _______________, not our earnest efforts.


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