THEO 310 Critical Reflection


*Includes 7 critical reflections

Each module you are required to submit a Critical Reflection based upon assigned weekly readings (Scripture and textbooks) and presentations. Each submission must fully address specific questions provided below.


For each module, students are to write a reflection based on the course reading material (Scripture and textbooks) and presentations.

  •   Length of assignment – 2 pages (maximum)
  •   Format of assignment – Turabian
  •   Number of citations – This assignment does not require a specific number of citations, but it should interact with and engage the course material for the module in a substantive manner.
  •   Acceptable sources – This assignment does not require interaction with other sources outside of the course reading and lecture materials, but if other sources are used, those sources should consist of scholarly academic journals and books. Websites, blogs, and popular level works should be avoided.Further Instructions:
  •   Briefly summarize key points from this week’s readings (Scripture and textbook) and presentation.
  •   List out three critical questions that you believe still need answering.
  •   Write out minimally one practical takeaway from the reading for the week.Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.
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