RLGN 489 Local Ministry Strategy

RLGN 489 Local Ministry Strategy Liberty

You will develop a 1,400–2,000-word paper introducing and explaining a strategy for a ministry event in a local community. This strategy must address the dominant social problems of the community and explain the proper biblical response. You must include biblical support as well as scholarly sources that propel such an endeavor.

The project will include 2 phases. First, your group will develop a survey of 15–21 questions to interview and analyze the ministry needs of the community. Once the survey is completed, you will develop a community event to be conducted at some point in the future. The strategy will include purpose, a prayer plan, leadership needs, and evangelistic emphasis (must include an approach for communicating the gospel corporately and individually). You must include determined attendance and response goals. Current Turabian format must be used in all formatting, including the title page, pagination, footnotes, and bibliography. The strategy must be organized according to the following outline:

  1. Describe the community event and include the survey design and plan for administering it. (400–500 words)
  2. Outline and explain the details of the ministry strategy. Include location, community demographics, facility and material needs, number of volunteers needed, potential permissions needed, a timeline for promotion, and a detailed schedule for the event. You must include a rationale for each of the items mentioned or anything that is added. (500–750 words)
  3. Include promotional graphics to be used for flyers, handouts, or mailers.
  4. Outline and explain the event evaluation and decision follow-up strategy. (500–750 words)
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