PSYC 420 Quiz Introduction and History

PSYC 420 Quiz Introduction and History of Faith and Science

  1. Where is the Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services located?
  2. Modern psychology traces its origins to Sigmund Freud in Vienna.
  3. Evangelicalism has ventured through three distinct phases, or cycles. In which phase did the relationship between religion and science begin to converge?
  4. Which of the following statements is NOT true of religion and psychology?
  5. According to the text, the ______ view of the world largely mirrored that of their contemporaries.
  6. Entwistle said “In some ways, every academic field is like my walk around the lake.” What did he mean?
  7. Early theologians, like Augustine, believed that
  8. The point of Tertulllian’s statement about Athens and Jerusalem was that
  9. This theologian emphasized faith over reason, since faith comes from God through revelation and reason comes from fallen humans.
  10. A primary aim of this goal is to help readers understand the issues that shape integrative scholarship.
  11. Today, the _____ view largely affirms that God is the Creator of everything that exists, but He may have used evolution to form matter into diverse forms.
  12. Einstein held that
  13. Whitehead believed that Christianity introduced the possibility of a unique worldview. What aspect(s) of this worldview paved the way for scientific thinking?
  14. Freud’s relationship with Pfister, a pastor, showed that
  15. According to Entwistle, what is the “so that” outcome of integration?
  16. According to the text, Harry Blamires suggested that Christian thinking is more accurate than secular thinking.
  17. Who thought that Christians of his day had to make a choice between seeking knowledge through human reasoning and faith?
  18. Entwistle asserts that integration is
  19. Entwistle describes how Christian psychology
  20. In describing the metaphor of a fork in the road, Entwistle said that psychology and Christianity
  21. Where does the author state in the beginning of the chapter that a group a worshipers gathered to Spirit Filled Church of Our Lord Jesus?
  22. Blamires distinguished between Christian thinking and secular thinking. With which of the following statements would he agree?
  23. Which of the following does NOT describe Johannes Müller?
  24. What did the author mention doing when he visited his daughter at college?
  25. Entwistle maintains that both theology and psychology help us understand humans, with what important warning?
  26. Thinking about psychology as Christians is primarily about bringing the academic discipline of theology into dialogue with the academic discipline or clinical practice of psychology.
  27. The integration of psychology and Christian faith emerged largely from the ________ tradition.
  28. Some contemporary scientist promote the idea that science and Christianity are compatible.
  29. Who was the name of the American baseball player stated, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
  30. In the 20th century, many secular psychologists rejected religion by default by holding the belief that
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