PLST 320 Case Analysis

Article III of the U.S. Constitution establishes the judicial powers for a federal court system. It states that the judicial power shall extend to certain cases, which are specified in Article III.However, the Constitution does not specify the exact nature of the judiciary’s powers. In Marbury, the Supreme Court discusses the power of the courts, fleshing out the notion that the court interprets the terms of the Constitution to determine whether actions taken by other branches are consistent with the Constitution. This assignment gives you the opportunity to flesh out the judiciary’s powers in light of the separation of powers built into our framework of government

The student will be provided a summary of a case (including quoted excerpts from the case) and will be asked to analyze whether the judiciary reached the right result. The student will analyze the case from the perspective of separation of powers and the proper role of the judiciary. Responses must be at least 250 words and be formatted according to Bluebook standards.

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