OBST 640 Quiz 1

OBST 640 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. According to Melick Jr., the current hermeneutical theories are too objective and have little concern for the subjective nature of the text.
  2. According to Enns, the exile was the most traumatic even in Israel’s ancient national history.
  3. According to Block, labels like “maximalists” and “minimalists” are often used disparagingly of others by those who are involved in discussions about ancient Israel.
  4. According to Blount, inerrantists believe that affirming inerrancy necessitates affirming a particular interpretation of the Bible.
  5. According to Melick Jr., “authorial intent” is a product of the text itself.
  6. According to Enns, it is very clear that the Pentateuch as we know it was finally shaped during the United Monarchy.
  7. According to Melick Jr., the Bible is broadly accepted and always has been broadly accepted throughout the world.
  8. According to Enns, reducing Genesis to a book of scientific interest is not just awkward and off topic; it is also sub-Christian.
  9. According to Quarles, Higher Criticism stresses the divine authorship of Bible.
  10. According to Melick Jr., the modern mind has difficulty with miracles and the fact that God became flesh through a virgin conception.
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