LIFC 202 Quiz Positive

LIFC 202 Quiz Positive Psychology in Coaching

  1. Motivational interviewing, developed by Miller and Rollnick, sees the dilemma of change being
  2. Discrepancy assertion is an assertive technique you can use when you are hearing conflicting statements from the client.
  3. Stage five, the Maintenance stage, takes place four months to a year after change takes place.
  4. feedback is process of reflecting back what you are noticing – only the facts.
  5. In stage three of the Stages of Change model, clients are ready to “test out” making the change. What is this stage called?
  6. According to chapter ten, a challenge is when you disagree with a client and provide them with the correct information. This can be done in a very polite and productive manner.
  7. The book notes that a proper time to challenge a client is when they provide evidence of a misaligned value. According to the book, a misaligned value is when
  8. The right kind of challenge comes from when you want to fix the client. When done correctly, they often result in a change in attitude and behavior.
  9. Stage one of the Stages of Change Model is Contemplation.
  10. Chapter 11 lists five logical levels that deal with motivation. Which is one of the five logical levels listed?
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