INDS 400 Quizzes

INDS 400 Quiz: Interdisciplinarity and Covey’s First Habit

  1. Which of the following is not a contextual factor that influences your research?
  2. What does a proactive focus do for the circle of influence?
  3. What does the textbook say writing teachers call the different preferences inherent in different disciplines?
  4. How many disciplines are required for a research project to be concerned interdisciplinary?
  5. According to Nissani, which of the following is a criterion for interdisciplinarity?

INDS 400 Quiz: Interdisciplinary Research Questions and Covey’s Second Habit

  1. How does Repko dene multidisciplinarity?
  2. Which of the following are not criteria that Myers and Haynes give developing an interdisciplinary research question?
  3. According to Covey, individuals should be spouse-centered.
  4. According to Repko, “adhering to integrative process” is an element of interdisciplinarity.
  5. In the early stages of the research process, you need to narrow your topic and turn it into a ___________ that will guide further inquiry.

INDS 400 Quiz: Interdisciplinary Research Process and Covey’s Third Habit

  1. If you cite a journal article in your research, you are doing primary research.
  2. Covey says that people should spend more time in Quadrant II than they do.
  3. If you include primary research in your project, who collected the data?
  4. “_______ entails going straight to the resource [being studied] to answer your research question.”
  5. If you were to analyze Moby Dick in a research project, you would most likely be doing secondary research.

INDS 400 Quiz Methodologies and Rationales Covey’s Fourth Habit

  1. What do Stokols, Misra, Moser, Hall, and Taylor not claim affects the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary team?
  2. Which of the following is not a type of primary research?
  3. Quantitative data can be analyzed numerically.
  4. According to Covey, which option for conflict resolution is best?
  5. Qualitative data is analyzed by a method called “coding.”

INDS 400 Quiz Interdisciplinary Disciplines Covey’s Fifth Habit

  1. Who “long ago implied that the sciences and humanities need each other”?
  2. The social sciences and humanities are usually more integrated than the physical sciences.
  3. Scheff suggests that encouraging scholars to become __________ after their specialization would encourage integration and a more holistic perspective.
  4. According to Covey, which of the following is not an autobiographical response?
  5. According to Scheff, “Most disciplines . . . consider their particular specialization to be valuable in itself and superior to other disciplines.”
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