EDUC 860 Quiz Summarizing

EDUC 860 Quiz Summarizing, Analyzing, Synthesizing

  1. When synthesizing material for your literature review, you still summarize and paraphrase.
  2. What are the two types of synthesis?
  3. Which of the following sentence(s) demonstrates a clear synthesis?
  4. In ______________________ synthesis the author works to use multiple sources to explain a perspective or point and the reasons for that perspective.
  5. In ______________________ synthesis the author works to use multiple sources to make an argument for or against a perspective.
  6. involves determining what (if any) relationship(s) exist among different sources and then drawing conclusions based on that information.
  7. After reviewing several articles, you find that most of the articles agree on one point, but the findings in one article contradict the findings in the other articles, what should you do?
  8. When you organize sources in preparation for writing your literature review, how should you organize sources that cover different topics?
  9. Which of the following is not a way to structure a synthesis in a literature review?
  10. When synthesizing material for a literature review, do not ________________
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