EDLC 606 Quiz Final

EDLC 606 Quiz Comprehensive Final

  1. Increased use of portfolio and performance assessment techniques in the schools has been suggested to:
  2. The major distinction between testing and assessment is that assessment is a process that is:
  3. Under NCLB, “adequate yearly progress” for a school is measured by the success of which group?
  4. In high-stakes testing, alignment refers to the degree to which a high-stakes test measures a state’s:
  5. According to the text, one of the challenges facing RTI is the lack of:
  6. One of the advantages of the standard protocol approach to RTI is:
  7. When RTI is fully implemented, it applies to:
  8. Robert, a ninth-grader, has just been told, “The reason you’re having so much trouble with division is that you have never mastered compound multiplication. The Math Basic Skills Tests have indicated this quite clearly. We are going to provide you with instruction in multiplication immediately.” Robert’s teacher made what kind of decision relative to his skill level?
  9. How we measure in the classroom should be determined by:
  10. The term to describe the extent to which test items match a teacher’s instructional objective is:
  11. An intended learning outcome defined in terms of specific observable behavior is appropriately called a(n) _______________ objective.
  12. Educational objectives should guide classroom activities and evaluation. To accomplish this effectively, the objectives should be:
  13. The purpose of the Taxonomy of educational objectives is to:
  14. Which of the following is one of the functions of a test blueprint?
  15. Which of the following is a good suggestion to follow in writing true-false items?
  16. The difficulty of a multiple-choice item can be varied by altering the:
  17. To test a student’s ability to use higher mental processes of logical reasoning, and critical thinking, a(n) ___________test should be used?
  18. One prominient limitation of essay tests is:
  19. Open-book questions and exams are NOT appropriate for which of the following levels of learning outcomes?
  20. The first step in developing a performance test is:
  21. The dimensions that a scale measures should:
  22. In rating the portfolio as a whole, which among the following would you want to emphasize most?
  23. A major classroom level purpose that portfolios should achieve is:
  24. What is meant by “a given test item is highly discriminating?
  25. Which of the following is a recommendation to help prepare students for a test?
  26. Given the following item analysis data, with the correct answer marked with an asterisc, which, if any, of the distractors should be replaced?
  27. Marking and reporting systems should benet the pupil in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
  28. All other things being equal, which of the following marking practices results in the most reliable grades?
  29. Five students received scores of 10, 12, 14, 16, and 28. The mean of these scores is:
  30. The score that is duplicated (repeated) the largest number of times in a set of scores is the:
  31. In a frequency polygon, the height of the curve above the baseline represents:
  32. The distance between -.50 and +.50 in z-score units represents how many stanines?
  33. In a normal distribution, what percentage of scores will fall between -1 standard deviation and +1 standard deviation?
  34. Which of the following fall(s) at a z-score of 0.0 in a normal distribution?
  35. Assume that a set of 90 normally distributed test scores has a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 10. A percentile of 50 would equal a raw score on the test of:
  36. Which of the following correlation coefficients indicates the highest degree of linear relationship?
  37. When a relationship between two variables is curvilinear, a linear correlation coefficient computed for each data will be:
  38. The biggest obstacle to determining a test’s predictive validity is
  39. This form of validity requires a time interval for its determination:
  40. To build reliability into a test, it is desirable to:
  41. This involves the administration of two different tests at two different times.
  42. The standard error of measurement is closely related to:
  43. When two intelligence tests are given to an adult a year or two apart, the difference in individual’s IQ’s or percentile ranks from one test to the other is most likely due to:
  44. With the passage of IDEIA in 2004, what Specific Learning Disability (SLD) determination method must states use?
  45. If a teacher wanted to determine how well a standardized achievement test would measure the objectives which she had been trying to teach, it would be best for her to:
  46. Which of the following represents the highest degree of relative performance?
  47. If the instructions for administering and scoring a standardized achievement test are NOT followed rigidly when it is administered to pupils:
  48. As contrasted with various separate achievement tests in the same subjects and obtained from different test publishers, a survey achievement battery yields derived scores for the same school subjects which are more likely to be:
  49. What should be the function of intelligence tests in grading or marking practices?
  50. All of the following are appropriate uses for the results of standardized aptitude tests EXCEPT:
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