CLED 450 Exam 3

CLED 450 Quiz 3: Truths About Managing People

CLED 450 Exam 3

  1. According to Robbins (Truth #19), “[A] review [of any reward system] should begin by assessing what types of are currently being rewarded.” (fill in the blank)
  2. According to Robbins (Truth 44), “To perform effectively, a team requires three different types of skills.” Which of the following options is NOT one of these three?
  3. According to Robbins (Truth #2), “Instead of using the interview to gather unbiased information, interviewers typically use the process to…” (complete the sentence)
  4. According to Robbins (Truth #12), “Is there anything an astute manager can do to avoid this experience? The answer is Yes: Use….” (complete the sentence)
  5. According to Robbins (Truth #22), “Success on a job is facilitated or hindered by the existence of absence of                 .” (fill in the blanks)
  6. According to Robbins (Truth #22), “When you attempt to assess why an employee may not be performing to the feel that you believe he or she is capable of, take a look at…” (complete the sentence)
  7. According to Robbins (Truth #28), one should “think of expectations as sort of a –
  8. According to Robbins (Truth #25), “Part of the leader’s task has been, and continues to be, working with people to find and solve problems, but whether leaders gain access to the knowledge and creative thinking they need to solve problems depends on how much people                        .” (fill in the blanks.)
  9. According to Robbins (Truth #51), “Managers who don’t help their people achieve
  10. will find it increasingly hard to attract and retain the most capable and motivated employees.” (fill in the blanks)
  11. According to Robbins (Truth #50), “Does groupthink attack all groups?”
  12. According to Robbins (Truth #15), “There is a mountain of evidence that tells us that people perform best when…” (complete the sentence)
  13. According to Robbins (Truth #14), “When employees lack motivation, the problem almost always lies in one of five areas.” Which ONE of the following is NOT one of the five stated areas?
  14. According to Robbins (Truth #25), what characteristic ranks at the top of most people’s list that they admire in their leaders.”
  15. According to Robbins (Truth #19), “What this [review of the reward system] too often finds is that organizations are rewarding what they assume they are.” (fill in the blank)
  16. According to Robbins (Truth #15), “The challenge for managers is to have employees see difficult goals as .” (fill in the blank)
  17. According to Robbins (Truth 48), “Most people are inherently team players.”
  18. According to Robbins (Truth #14), “A lot of employees lack motivation at work because they see a weak relationship between their effort and performance, between performance and organizational rewards, and/or between rewards they receive and the ones they really want.
  19. According to Robbins (Truth #28), “The message here for leaders is that you should expect high performance from your employees. Do NOT verbalize and show them by your behavior that you believe in them.”
  20. According to Robbins (Truth #26), “The evidence doesn’t support that experience per se
  21. According to Robbins (Truth 48), “A large proportion of people raised on the importance of individual accomplishments cannot be trained to become team players”
  22. According to Robbins (Truth #27), “[Framing is] a way for leaders to influence how events are seen and understood.”
  23. According to Robbins (Truth 44), “Successful teams translate their common purpose into visionary, far-reaching, and ultra-challenging performance goals.”
  24. According to Robbins (Truth #62), “[N]o single new idea can make a mediocre manager excellent or lead to turning around a poorly managed company.”
  25. According to Robbins (Truth #50), “[G]roupthink is not a dissenter-suppression mechanism as much as it’s a means for a group to protect its positive image.”
  26. According to Robbins (Truth #16), “So, where possible, design jobs with challenging, creative, and consuming tasks that allow employees to utilize their skills, and ensure that these tasks have clear goals and provide employees with feedback.”
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