CCOU 301 Quiz Core Issues

CCOU 301 Quiz Core Issues and Attachment

  1. Those with a disorganized relationship style commonly have identity related problems including difficulty learning from past experiences and the inability to see how current behavior will affect the future.
  2. According to our video, DAF stands for Divine Authority Figure.
  3. According to our presentation, the aspects of an attachment figure as described by Mary Ainsworth and then Cassidy are…
  4. The model of helping children to appropriately deal with their feelings is called ________.
  5. This type of attachment style characterizes a person who is comfortable getting close to others, but also feels comfortable being alone.
  6. According to the presentation on the Biblical View of Marriage, men and women are different biologically and psychologically.
  7. Responding to criticism with criticism is an example of which of the following?
  8. In the context of relationship disputes, dissolution involves
  9. The heart of Biblical Marriage is [ ].
  10. Which of the following IS an appropriate way to teach children how to handle emotions?
  11. According to the presentation, children with the avoidant/dismissive attachment style participate in muted play when a caregiver leaves as opposed to protest, yet they demonstrate the same physiological symptoms (increased heart rate, etc.) as a child that gets upset and cries when the caregiver leaves.
  12. The Adult Attachment Interview can predict with [ ] % accuracy based on a parent’s attachment style what the attachment style of their unborn children will be.
  13. Which of the following is NOT true about the Avoidant Attachment Style?
  14. According to the textbook, the most fundamental human fear is ___________.
  15. Desires closeness in relationships, but fears intimacy.
  16. According to Clinton and Sibcy, the ability to _________ others is at the heart of intimacy.
  17. The healthy expression of __________ can actually be a healing experience.
  18. Lisa says to Jake, “Honestly, I really think that we are better off as friends.” Internally, which of the following statements best describes Jake thought processes if he is an angry dependent?
  19. Our text describes the traumatic experiences of a woman named Linda. Linda’s means of coping was [ ]. It was a solution and normal response to separate traumatic occurrences.
  20. Sensitive parenting shapes the brain structure that leads to better behaved kids who can care more deeply about others.
  21. This attachment style describes a person with negative view of self and positive view of others.
  22. According to the textbook, the underlying reason for why we do the things we do is known as
  23. Which statement does NOT accurately fit the Ambivalent Attachment Style?
  24. According to the textbook, how many touches, on average, do children need to feel per day from parents?
  25. There are six types of child abuse. Which of the following types involves a child witnessing an escalating parental argument?
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