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BIBL 473 Quiz Historical Geography

  1. One of the earliest sources of biblical geography was the ______________, an annotated list of biblical place-names in Greek, together with comments identifying their locations as they were known in the early fourth century.
  2. Why is the southern region of the Levant (where Israel settled) called God’s “testing ground of faith”?
  3. This approach to historical geography focuses on regions or groups of regions and attempts to define their character over time.
  4. The ancient world and the modern world are separated from each other by vast chasms of time, space, culture, and language, and this reality often
  5. When reconstructing past environments, it’s important to remember that the environment has a degree of impact on human societies and human societies have an impact on the environment.
  6. This approach of historical geography helps readers of ancient texts grasp ways that authors used the rich language of geography to inform the messages that they were trying to tell.
  7. This type of geography uses historical geography to understand the ebb and flow of events over long periods of time.
  8. Scientists are unable to observe directly the climatic conditions of the past, so they use what is known as
  9. For those who seek the understand the message of the Bible in its context, some understanding of the ancient world is
  10. A primary goal of ___________ is to understand the functionality and actual use of landscapes over time, which reinforms, broadens, and deepens our understanding of events.

BIBL 473 Quiz 2 Ancient Literature

  1. The epic poems and religious literature of this nation serve as the most substantial source of textual information about Ba’al and the Ba’al cult.
  2. “Early Jewish Literature” refers to the Jewish texts written between the times of the Old and New Testament (from the time of Alexander the Great to the rise of Christianity).
  3. The Bible is the best source for ancient Near Eastern history, so using other sources or historical disciplines is unnecessary.
  4. This translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic Old Testament became the standard biblical text of Judaism.
  5. The term “Mesopotamian literature”
  6. These Mesopotamian texts recorded the mighty acts, major construction projects, and military campaigns of king. They also helped keep track of dates.
  7. While many Near Eastern languages contain hundreds of cuneiform signs, this language uses only thirty, and shares many similarities with biblical Hebrew.
  8. The most influential collection of texts produced by Greek-speaking Judaism is a collection of Greek translations of the Old Testament known as the
  9. Most of what we know about this kingdom comes from the thirty thousand cuneiform tablet fragments uncovered in its capital city of Bogazkale.
  10. Much of the history of the ancient Near East was nearly lost until explorations in the 18th and 19th centuries uncovered ancient artifacts and languages of the lands of the Bible.

BIBL 473 Quiz Ancient Archaeology

  1. The region of Palestine entered the Hellenistic Period around 332/331 B.C. with the reign of
  2. A distinct Jewish identity emerged in material culture during the Hasmonean dynasty in the
  3. The Late Bronze Age came around the time of the rise of the Egyptian New Kingdom around the 14th century B.C.
  4. The Iron Age 1 is traditionally dated between
  5. The primary form of written communication during the Late Bronze Age was Akkadian cuneiform.
  6. One of the most striking difference between the Middle Bronze Age and the Late Bronze Age in the Southern Levant is the use of
  7. In the Southern Levant, the transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age was a transition from Egyptian domination to a mosaic of ethnic kingdoms.
  8. There are very few known alphabetic documents that date to the time of the Late Bronze Age.
  9. Jewish culture was kept entirely free of Hellenistic influences during the Hellenistic period.
  10. Israel’s settlement into the land of Canaan began around the time of the
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