BIBL 450 Research Paper 2

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After researching material on the 1000 years of Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium), write a paper supporting the millennial view that you believe is best supported by scripture.  Because this topic is both exegetical (in reference to Revelation 20:1-6) and theological (in reference to millennial systems), you may extend your biblical research beyond the confines of the book of Revelation.  Specifically, be sure to describe the details pertaining to the nature of the millennium, the timing of the millennium (in relation to the Second Coming of Christ), the duration of the millennium, the occupants of the millennial kingdom, and the relationship of Israel and the church to the millennial kingdom.  In the process of writing your paper, make sure that you interact with the other views (other than your own), and make sure that you provide some reasons why you do not support alternate viewpoints.  If you believe that there are strengths in each viewpoint, you are free to reference those strengths; if you do not believe that you can be conclusive at this point in time, you can take an undecided position.  Whatever your conclusions might be, the key to writing a quality paper is that you interact with the arguments for each position and provide clear exegetical/theological rationale for the position that you hold.

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