AVIA 400 Quiz 2

AVIA 400 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Pilots who have no notion that they are disoriented have __________ of spatial disorientation.
  2. Lorenz and colleagues (2006) study, as well as the SART measure of SA, defined meta-SA as:
  3. Naturalistic decision-making theory postulates that:
  4. As aviation has developed, many of the changes in the demands placed upon pilots can be characterized as:
  5. Rasmussen’s Decision Ladder helps conceptualize:
  6. Regarding the evolution and advancement of technology in civil air transport, an example of ÒcontrolÓ automation is:
  7. What are the elements in the “hybrid ecology” of the modern aircraft flightdeck?
  8. What is the primary goal in the naturalistic world?
  9. Mental workload has been defined as the relation between the function relating the mental resources demanded by a task and those resources supplied by the human operator.Ó “Non-optimal” workload:
  10. SPAM differs from SAGAT in that the former:
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