COUC 504 Quiz 6

COUC 504 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Arab Americans may typically present with all of the following issues in counseling EXCEPT
  2. ______ counseling approaches may be useful for Arab American clients because these approaches allow clients to tell their story and be heard, understood, and validated.
  3. __________ is NOT a member of the League of Arab States.
  4. The overall rate of employment and mean household income among Arab Americans is
  5. Largest groups of Arab Americans include each of the following EXCEPT
  6. Arabs place a particularly high emphasis on their language (Arabic) compared to other cultural groups.
  7. Unlike those from a traditional Asian culture, enculturated Arabs are very open to seeking mental health services.
  8. Enculturated Arab families treat their boys and girls equally growing up.
  9. Less than 1% of the Arab population is non-Muslim.
  10. Traditionally, Arabs marry based on romantic love, much like in the U.S. culture.
  11. The Qur’an has no passages that could be interpreted to encourage violence.
  12. In examining the terrorists who have planned and executed attacks on the United States, it’s clear that all of them are young, poor, and have little education.
  13. Islam has no “denominations” or groups within it that have significant differences of belief.
  14. Most Muslims adopt radical ideologies.
  15. Young Muslim men are in danger of being stereotyped as terrorists in the United States.
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